Thursday, May 17, 2012

Matti Paints- Subject Tom

Painting Tom was an interesting prospect because we have a very affectionate relationship.
As a friend who was met at a bar through another friend, we have become very close in a fairly short amount of time.
All Smiles

Tom is very different from a lot of my friends, and I think that was evident right away as soon as he’d made his colour choices. Picking two primaries (Red and Yellow) and three shades (Black, White, and silver) is a risky choice, and I think in his own way he was challenging me. It was a good challenge though and it was interesting to get to work through colours that were so far out of my normal comfort zone.
You can't really see the black, but I swear it was used.
I really felt like Tom was reaching out to me in this painting. His song choices were songs that were from my most played list, that he also had a say in. Together, the songs were a binding force as if to say, remember this?
Yes all of these are in my most played songs list. I am not ashamed.
In many ways me and Tom are quite similar, although at the same time, very different people. My spectrum and his spectrum are vastly different but having the common colours and songs was comforting in a way.
Song 1

Song 4

Song 5 - I like how it looked like angel wings

Song 9

Artist positioning the Canvas

It was an enjoyable paint. This one in particular was unusual but in a very good way.
Despite myself, I know I’ve placed up walls between me and Tom. But through this process I like to think that I’ve got a chance to reconnect with him. I hope that I’ve portrayed him as I see him: Strong, vibrant and brave.
So... Presenting Tom

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