Monday, May 21, 2012

Matti Paints- Subject Chad

So this was a new experience.

So before today I have never met Chad before. We’re not even friends on facebook so that should say a lot in todays day and age. He found out about this project when he saw my painting of Tom and as a result contacted me. I was so flattered that I told him he could come by anytime half expecting him to not show up. But to my great surprise and delight, he did!
This was the first time that I had no previous experience with the canvas so I had to rely completely on what he gave me in terms of the paints, the brushes and the ten minutes beforehand in which we could talk.
I had no idea what I was going to do, but luckily when we started talking I realized that there was a good vibe.
After Mark, I was feeling a bit down. I’m still disappointed that I couldn’t conquer what it is I was hoping for, but I feel like painting Chad has re-affirmed my faith in this project.
 First off, I think I thoroughly enjoyed every song choice he picked out. There was a flow and cohesion in them that was perfect for what I was hoping to achieve. Then the paints, which also had a similar sense of unity.
Every other song got a very big delighted reaction.

Pictured: Unity
Again, someone else who chose silver... but at least this colour scheme gave a great sense of cohesion. It was as if every element was destined to be good. (Not only that he chose blue and purple- my two comfort colours)
However, the act of painting someone is already something that is incredibly intimate. To do so with someone you've never met, was an experience unlike anything I've experienced before. You find out very quickly whether or not you two will get along. All you really have to go on are the first impressions and if they're negative, I'm afraid that the painting would have been a very different experience. However, we seemed to get along very well. The painting came naturally and didn't seem to be having many problems. The colours complimented well, the painting went smoothly and the overall experience was very positive.
I took a very different approach to this painting. There's much more skin showing through than normal, and the painting itself is MUCH more detailed than many of my other canvases. It reflected the personality I quickly got to know, and I think the work itself is as much an exploration of him and my impressions of him as it is an exploration of technical skills.
Song 1


Song 6

Song 8

So presenting the delightful stranger: Chad

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