Thursday, May 31, 2012

Matti Paints - Subject Nikola

I was really excited for Nikola's painting for many reasons.
Pictured: The Canvas
We've got along pretty well from when we first met each other at my friends Magic the Gathering party. I'm so cool, I went to a Magic the Gathering party.
Pictured : Cool

So when I was contacted by Nikola, I jumped at the opportunity to paint him. We both got along very well so it made sense that he'd be an easy canvas to paint.
Pictured: I'm on a boat!
His song choices matched mine very well and I was pleasantly surprised by more than a few of his choices. Actually, one of my secret prides of this project has been the reaction I've got from many people upon them seeing my playlist.
Them: "I love your song choices!"
Me: "Thank you so much" *pride*
Anyway, his colour choices were slightly more unusual.
As you can see from my canvases by now, I have a little bit of a comfort zone. I use a lot of blues, reds and purples in my work. Green tend to be softer and outlines usually are highlighted best in blacks.
With Nikola he chose lavender, white, brown forest green and orange.
I was surprised when I started because he immediately took on a clown-fish type of quality. He's playful, enjoyable and we even ended up in several surprisingly deep conversations.
I really feel like with each passing canvas that I'm finding out more and more about people, but more importantly, what brings people peace. What's the process of giving someone some sort of relaxation and meditative peace? I can't help but wonder if this project is effecting all of us in a more significant way than we realize. It makes me want to branch out and paint more and more people. It makes me feel alive and connected to someone. To get the privilege of painting someones body, and transform them into a work of art is a unique opportunity.

It was a thrill getting to work with Nikola, and I hope I did his playful spirit and exciting personality to justice.

 Presenting: Nikola

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