Thursday, May 24, 2012

Matti Paints- Subject Marc

After all that chaos came Marc.
Marc is a curious character. I know him from the coffee shop, and while I'd never say we were close, he always had a magnetic quality that I really liked and appreciated in him. He seemed really down to earth, and now after painting him, I quickly realized that it's not just a show. He really is just that down to earth. It's refreshing to meet people with a similar character to yours.
He's a very creative man, and the talks we had during the paint were interesting and surprisingly deep. I found with Marc, unlike a lot of the previous canvases, I found myself opening up more. It's not that my other conversations were hesitant or unwilling, I feel there was just an ease about this entire experience that I almost found refreshing.
I've done quite a few of these by now, and I found with Marc I almost fell into a routine. Offer a drink, pick the seat, get them comfortable, and so on and so forth. It's a nice change to feel so at ease with someone so quickly, but I found the talk came easily and the experience was quite enjoyable and friendly.
All about the earthy tones
I feel his colour choices reflected this nicely. Lots of subtle earthy colours that reflected his personality nicely. The green, reds and brown blended nicely with the blue and the gold gave it just enough pop without turning into a flashy mess.
His song choices while some might say leaned slightly on the emo side, were something I'd consider more pensive. It really showed a depth of character, especially when we'd had a lot of deep interesting talks throughout the piece. Every song seemed to bring up a new emotion and a new side of Marc. I enjoyed getting to know his multi-faceted personality.

Emo is Owl City

I found myself working with a symbol for the first time. Within the first few red brushstrokes I quickly realized I accidentally painted a maple leaf on his chest. Almost super hero like emblazed on his chest. I went with it, and soon also found that the ab section became something like a tree with roots reaching deep into the earth for sustenance.

Accidental maple leaf!

It was a really great experience. I thoroughly enjoyed Marc's company and think that I managed to create something really special.
So without further ado: Marc!

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