Thursday, May 17, 2012

Matti Paints- Subject Sarah

Painting Sarah was a very different experience from painting Wes.

We have always had a very playful relationship based off of inside jokes and making coffee. The first time we ever got to know each other was drinking in a park over a case of Lambchop’s Playalong. It was a fun night full of fond memories and has lead to one of the most beautiful and exciting friendships I have ever had.
It was no surprise that she said yes to help me with this project, but what was exciting were certain things like the choice of music and the colour choices.

For instance the colour choices she made (Pink, lime green, blue, purple and silver) are all colours reflective of an exciting and party-centered mindset. I joked how the pink and green are natural choices for a child of the early ninties. She joked about Lambchop. Our friendship came full circle. (As it so often does)
Starting the painting was actually a lot of fun. There was a very different mood in this project. She was excited to see what I would create and we were both enjoying the experience. (We also decided that having a screwdriver before would be an excellent choice. I concurred...)
When  the drinks were poured

By the time we had started (mines the one that's been drank from)
Mind you, it did take a while to get to that point. By the time I had poured the drinks, set up the paint choices, set up the ‘studio’ and prepped my brushes... she had picked out three songs. But patience paid off, and we actually had a really amazing time exploring this aspect together.
This was our playlist. It was a good time.

I really had no idea what sort of painting would appear when all was said and done. About halfway through I was worried that the human canvas project would have a terrible entry... and then I remembered what our friendship was based on. She trusted me and as a result I gave into the sense of fun that is so indicative of who we are as a couple. I remembered the good times, the parties, the discussions on the patios and the entire experience became lighthearted and exciting. I experimented. We laughed. We played and a sense of fun overcame us.
The start
Song 1

Song 2

Song "Lets party"

Song "Looks like a claw above my eye"

Song 7

Song "Wait... we only have one song left?"

Song "maybe we can cheat and use 11 songs..."

There is a sense of perfection that is lacking in this piece which I feel is a perfect fit for us. We’re both a bit chaotic with a history of excitement and enjoyment. There was also a heavy sense of love in this piece. Whether it was the light colours, or the shared experiences that have solidified this friendship, it was certainly an enjoyable experience and one I shall remember until I have one too many screwdrivers.
So may I present: Sarah

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