Saturday, May 19, 2012

Matti Paints- Subject Nick

Painting Nick was a great experience.
Pictured: Nick. Not Pictured: Vengence
First off, I’m extremely flattered and humbled by the fact that Nick let me do this amazing paint job on him. I’m glad he trusted me, and as a result I think he could be my most amazing canvas yet.
Nick is one of my closest and dearest friends. He is also one of the most kind hearted which is something I really wanted his paint job to emulate.
I can’t applaud him enough for his bravery. Most people in his position probably wouldn’t allow their friends to paint them and display them. But I’m glad Nick trusted me enough to bring out his beauty. I think the end result is incredible.
Interestingly, I think this reflects in his song choices. He chose a lot of songs that already bind us together. And Adele. (We listen to her at least 1,000 times everyday at work) -citation needed
This song ended up having quite the impact on the theme

His colour choices were interesting since they were SO natural. It’s hard to get more nature based than blue, green, light green, white and black. Right away, I think I knew I would be working within a nautical theme, but then once I started the experiment, I didn’t realize how far the theme would travel to.

In the end I ended up creating some sort of Atlas who wore the earth and the natural world within it on his skin. In many ways I felt this was fitting for him. Nick has a quiet authority and power that goes along beautifully with his personality. I like to think that this paint job did him justice.
So, without further ado, presenting Nick:

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  1. Gorgeous, well done chaps :) is this the start of a series of works?

    The movement and sweeping arcs of colour works really effectively with his body shape.