Thursday, May 17, 2012

Matti Paints- Subject Bryce

Painting Bryce was amusing.
 Here he is. Smiling.
 We know each other through our writing. I gave him some advice about suggestions for his upcoming novel and a beautiful writing relationship has bloomed. I’m the man he calls to tear holes in his plots and he’s the one I get to ask questions about process to. In the end, he comes to me a whole lot more often than I go to him, but I’m working on that. I like feeling helping my friends out... and Bryce also talks a lot more than me... Like a LOT more...
His colour choices were complimentary. I was surprised he didn’t take more risks, but the colours he did choose go together very harmoniously. A part of me wishes he was more adventurous with them, but in the end, I can’t complain because it was exactly what he needed. Although he did pick two blues that are hardly different... That was kind of annoying... 
Dark blue, lighter dark blue, purple, evergreen and magenta
 His music choices were surprising as well. No real cohesive theme, just layers of chaos that somehow absorbed into something that was stimulating without becoming overwhelming... However there were multiple times when I needed to ask him to stop singing...
This was the first time the concept I started out with actually carried through the entire painting. Maybe it was the paints that made the choices so easy, but in the end I found that the persona Bryce was representing was something that was carried through very easily.
Song 1
Song 2

Song... 4?

Song close to ending

Song 9
Bryce is a super hero. His physique has always lead itself to this persona, and his attitude has always made me wonder whether or not he is secretly harboring abilities the rest of us mortals can only dream of. (Seriously, who voluntarily wakes up before 10am?) There’s a silly side to him that I wanted to bring out which is why I feel like his “outfit” is a mismatched patch work of pieces. But as a fellow creator to another, I feel like it perfectly defines us. It is the definition of writing: Creating a cohesive and coherent something out of pieces.
I am very blessed to have Bryce in my life. I love and admire his creativity and truly believe that we will be working together for a very long time.
So at last... Presenting Bryce:

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