Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Matti Paints - Subject Nathan

Painting Nathan was a challenge.
I'm really enjoying this process because a) the people who agree to do it are usually exactly the kind of people I want to surround myself with, and b) I get to create some of the most interesting and dynamic art I've had the privilege of creating.
Nathan is someone who I don't know well. Or at least I didn't when I began the process. We met outside of a bar and a friend who I'd painted previously CHRIS, was kind enough to introduce us. As a result Nathan inquired about the project and since I'm at a bit of a stall in terms of my number of canvases, I agreed.
I've determined the people who are willing to do this project are the people I want in my life. I think that just needs to be pointed out.
Several challenges were presented here. The most obvious being that Nathan is a very hairy guy. Body hair is the enemy of this project. It sucks up paint, makes smooth strokes almost impossible and is unpredictable in how it will dry and whether or not it will let the paint sit on the body how I want it too. It's annoying. That being said its workable, and I managed to tame the wild fields of follicles without too much hassle.
His song choices.
Song 1
The other major challenge was his colour choices. Once again I encountered tertiary colours in a near perfect combination of orange, purple and Kermit green.  Then there was the blue, which was a comfortable zone for me and he chose white as his shade which was good because without those two colours to balance it out, I'm not sure I would've been able to do it.
I love seeing peoples colour choices as it always reflects into their character. that combined with the music are really the only hints I get to a persons personality before I start. Letting each song be a surprise lends us both a level of surprise that always shows through in unique and fun ways in the paint.
I did find myself experimenting more with designs this time. I had a recurring theme with peacock feathers that even though it doesn't quite show off in the final picture were a good challenge for me to pursue. I've always loved their designs and I've never been able to perfect them, but the challenge of working with them was a good experience. I think they fit well with his personality. Confident yet playful.
I really enjoyed Nathans company. I think that I've made a great friend in him, and to discover such similar christian upbringings was refreshing. It seems there's a lot to bond over in this situations, so being able to just spend time with someone and paint them was a good experience to get back to.
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Presenting Nathan:

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