Thursday, June 7, 2012

Matti Paints- Subject Lacey

So today started out with a dear friend of mine, Lacey.
Like Kevin, Vera, Chris and Nathan, I also met Lacey at Statlers where we would drink and do songs at the musical theatre open mike night they do every Monday. We met when I sat down with her and Vera and complimented her singing. As time went on we became quite close and after much peer pressure from everyone else who'd done it, she finally agreed to become my canvas.
I'm noticing a theme with colour choices lately. Everyone wants green, purple and orange. I mean really people? What is it with these colour combos that everyone wants to be a part of it? It's crazy!
*end of vent*
That being said, Lacey ended up very interesting. Up until song seven the painting was going one way, and then in the last three it took a wild, radical turn and went somewhere completely different. It was a neat turn that I didn't see coming.
Her song choices were very much "A". Lots of Adele- interesting to note that she was the only person who picked more than one song by the same artist. I found that interesting.
Overall, Lacey was a very easy canvas to work with. 

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