Saturday, June 23, 2012

Matti Paints - Revisiting Shannon and Hayley

So in retrospect there have been a few pictures that I haven't been 100% behind. There were times when I let the pictures be guided by the group instead of taking a stand as an artist and picking what I thought was best for the piece.
One of these pieces was Shannon and Hayley. While I think that Hayley turned out beautiful, I never really thought that the picture did Shannon the justice she deserves.
In a cabaret we sang "Me Party" together (yes, the one from the Muppet movie) and I just figured it would be nice to find a photo from the collection that really did her justice.
Now that I've found it, I'll be replacing the previous photo with this one.
 If you girls don't like it, TOO BAD! You both look fantastic and the artwork looks fine too.

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