Thursday, June 14, 2012


I'm shocked.
I guess I always assumed you'd be there.
We were never close but we were friendly, and sometimes that's enough.
I liked you.
I admired you.
Your laugh was effortless and contagious.
And now it's gone.
Life is random,
Crazy, chaos, cruel.
You were young but old beyond your years.
Wisdom and wit with humour and graciousness.
Although our time was short, you left your mark.
Now I struggle with the terms.
What? How? Why?
I realize the questions are empty echoes of what I really want to say.
The thought that most of the world didn't know you is a loss.
You deserved the world, but were too good for it.
So you leave the rest of us behind and continue on your way.
Past the finish line first.
I wish I knew what to say.
I regret that I didn't make more time for you.
I don't regret the days we did spend together.
You will never be forgotten.
You will be missed.
And you will always be loved.

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