Tuesday, July 3, 2012

We've gone to the zoo

Don't look for me today,
When there's nothing to do.
Don't ask me to play,
I've gone to zoo.
Not Pictured: Cleanliness

I've gone with Dear Lacey,
and Vera in tow,
And we rode on the bus
through Scarborough

We got to the gates
where some bitch made a huff,
but Lacey got in free
and she told us "tough"

The sun was shining bright,
the kids we're in their wagons
So we started in Australia
And Vera humped the Komodo Dragon
The author does not condone the act of humping the Komodo dragon
We saw through Eurasia
as best as we could
but most of the exhibits
were closed, but not for good!
Just waiting til pandas
come and take over that section
(Big stupid bears
that can't get erections)

I got to touch stingrays
Which was quite unexpected
I've always loved those creatures
even though they can be irritated

From there we went walking,
and Vera's dancing was funky
As we spied not just one,
but two types of ginger monkeys!

Then we traveled through Africa
and we saw all the creatures
and we talked and we giggled
about the baboons butt features.

We played and we frollicked,
saw creatures big and small,
from butterflies, to penguins
we saw them all
We hiked through a tundra
and read up on some mosquito lady
And introduced Lacey
to a beaver tail (yummy!)

Is this poem lame?
Yes I think it's so.
But it does make me realize
what I already know

 I love my friends
And there's nothing I'd rather do
Then to take all of them
on a trip to the zoo

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