Monday, July 2, 2012

Matti Paints - Subject Scott

This is Scott.
I know him from the club.
He bounces at a club I go to every Saturday and helps to run a bookstore that I frequent.
I was very happy that he agreed to do this.  I've been hoping to craft this project to feature every age, every race, every body type... Everything. I want to capture everyone. And with Scott I felt I was finally reaching out and helping to achieve what I set out to do.

One of the more fun revelations I've had lately with this project is how elemental it is. Everyone seems to be falling into their own elements. I noticed this when Scott told me about how he really wanted his to feel earthy and gritty. 

In the end I feel that his paint job ended up feeling slightly sinister at the end. There is something strange and savage in his expression that I find amusing.
Overall, I was quite happy with the way everything came together. I do feel he had a much more literally earthy look to him, especially considering he seems to have more of literal interpretation on him.  I find the hands look like they've just burst from a mossy grove with flecks of gold clinging to him.

There was a definite tension when painting Scott that makes this picture very hard to talk about. It wasn't a bad thing but it was certainly an interesting new experience. That being said I love and enjoy Scott and would like to paint him again sometime.

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