Saturday, July 21, 2012

Matti Paints - Subject Matt Ryan

 This is Matt Ryan. I've had the privilege of knowing him for years. He is one of the best comedic actors North Bay has ever produced and will continue to do amazing things in the future.

When we met he was Judas to my Jesus. Literally. He was quite literally my Judas in a production of Godspell. I don't think it's a dynamic we ever grew out of. We have layers and layers of inside jokes that are so full of hilarity that they've literally become joke onions.

In a way I've seen him grow up. Grow from someone with so much potential, to seeing him now as the man who's realized it and is still growing. So needless to say it was a great time and I couldn't be prouder of the final product.

His music choices were pretty interesting. Varied, and surprisingly he chose a lot of songs that although I had them, I didn't really know them too well. (I added "you spin me" based on an inside joke. Seriously. We're a joke onion.) -EAT POTASSIUM BIPED!

Matt Ryan came to me with very specific wants from the piece. He wanted to be painted from the back in a specific position. However, something really interesting is he said "I want gold and purples... but you choose the colours". Brave, brave man.

The process was easy. Right away we were joking away about baby seals and the good old days in North Bay.  It was a real treat and his skin worked very well with the paints. It was a very easy process. So easy in fact I actually finished before the time had finished.

So the piece is a fair bit dark, but in the end he looks really amazing. It's like what would happen if Two-Face and Poison Ivy had a son.  

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