Sunday, April 29, 2012

Day One - Felicia Day

Hey Felicia. My name is Matti McLean. We met briefly at Fan Expo. You were stunning and I was so excited and happy to meet you that I left shaking and almost in tears. I've always admired you and your ability to embrace interesting and exciting projects and media.
I know you must get this all the time, but I have a project I'm working on, and I would like you to tweet about it. You see, I'm a writer and I've just written a sequel to my first book which I'm calling IGNITION and I've started a kickstarter in an attempt to raise enough money for the project. I really have nothing to offer you but my thanks and perhaps a copy of my book, but I really think you'll like it! It's a new Science Fiction dystopian novel that combines 1984, V For Vendetta and X-Men in a new and exciting cyber punk novel for young readers.
My ultimate goal is to get this book out there and read by as many people as I can. As a fellow creator I'm sure you must feel the same thrill I do at the prospect of people getting a chance to experience something and experiencing something that you created and invented from nothingness.
I fully believe that hard work pays off, and by seeing fantastic people like you making a living off of your art, it makes me feel confident that one day, perhaps I could be doing the same thing.
If you're able to help, I only ask that you check out my kickstarter page and know that I appreciate it.
With lots of love and admiration from a huge fan, Matti McLean.

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