Tuesday, October 18, 2011


A prose I wrote for a minimalist assignment.

Heels – Minimalist

I stood outside in the snow. Shannon at my feet dry heaving alcohol that wasn't there as she cried out “Leave me! Just leave me! I want to die.” I sigh in frustration. Twenty people in a driveway sharing smokes and stories in the snow. They leave for sodas down the street leaving me with Shannon.

“What do we do about her?” Carter asks.

“I'll call Jesse.” The music from the party rages inside as i call my friend. “We need a ride.”

He arrives ten minutes later, pulling up with his girlfriend. We try to lift her but her limp body fights us off. “I want to freeze to death. Just leave me you fucking asshole! I love you! Why don't you love me!” She throws up. I groan.

“What are you wearing on your feet?” He asks. I shrug and try to play off the heels as part of the new years festivities. I curse Shannon for wearing my boots and take a drag of the cigarette. The taste of smoke is awful and makes me want to die. Or kill.

“Let's try to get her in.” Carter grabs her feet. I take a shoulder and Jesse and someone else grab the rest of her. We stuff her in the back seat of the car and I say goodbye to my boots. It's unlikely I'll see them again. It's a sad thought.

We close the door as Shannon screams in protest behind the glass. Her voice is muffled. I hug Jesse goodbye and go to walk back in the house. I slip my hand in Carters and smile. After being away for so long it's nice to have him back beside me. I go to sneak a kiss when Jesse interrupts. His door is locked. Shannon is out and shows no signs of life despite our yells to rouse her. I shake my head.

“I'll call my mom.” Jesse says walking up to the house.

“We're locked out.” Carter says. “The others went for soda. We're stuck out here.”

“Can I use your phone?” He asks.


“Well fuck.”

“Yeah... Fuck.”

Jesse takes a hangar and tries to pry into his car. I wonder where the hangar came from. Ten minutes later the party returns. Julian calls for an ambulance and comments on the footwear. I punch him in the arm. I can't feel my feet. Carter holds me from behind and I delight in the small amount of warmth he provides.

“You okay?” I ask.



His mom doesn't have the keys and cusses him out. Shannon's thrown up again. Her vomit fogs the mirror. It's gross.

The ambulance shows up. They break into the car and pull Shannon out. I tell them everything that happened and they agree she needs to get her stomach pumped. One of the men asks me what shoes I'm wearing and winks at me. Carter glares at me. I do not flirt with anyone. Ever. End of story.

The night goes on. The ambulance drive away and Jesse promises to see me soon. I know he's lying because he has no interest in my world anymore. I slip my hand into Carters and breathe a sigh of relief. At least I'm still standing.

I slip on the ice and vow never to wear heels again. The only person I'm lying to is myself.

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